NCP process the following coke products for the Steel Industry:

  • Metallurgic Coke (Met Coke)
  • Anthracite Coal


Carbon is a key, if small, component in the manufacturing of beer, wine and liquor bottles. Our carbon products for Glass Manufacturing are:

  • Metallurgic Coke (Met Coke)
  • Anthracite Coal

Cathodic Protection

Metal structures exposed to the elements suffer corrosion. Speak with our engineers to discuss how NCP's high quality Carbon Backfill can extend the life or your structure.


NCP's electrical grounding backfill helps lower the contact resistance of your cell towers, electrical power facility and other at risk structure, protecting them from the damaging effects of lightning stikes and other power surges.


NCP works with manufacturers and engineers to develop custom metallurgical coke based carbon products for use in there proprietary friction products. Contact our sales team to discuss how we can be of service to you for your carbon based friction product needs.

About NCP Carbon

Founded in 1985, North Central Processing is a privately held company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio focused on manufacturing high quality metallurgical coke and anthracite coal based carbon products.

Serving the the carbon product needs of steel, glass, friction products, cathodic protection, and grounding industries

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