Carbon for Steel Manufacturing

Metallurgic Coke • Antracite Coal

North Central Processing (NCP) processes metallurgical coke and anthracite coal for steel manufacturers using electric arc furnaces. NCP can supply your facility with consistent, high quality:

NCP can blend our various carbons for a high quality and economical product. Please contact NCP for a chemical analysis of our carbon products. The material is available in industry standard or custom sized to our your specifications.

Standard Product Sizes: Metallergical Coke Antracite Coal
Foundry Stove
Blast Furnace Nut
Nut Pea
Buckwheat Rice
Breeze Barley
Fines Buckwheat #4
Custom Mesh Sizes
to Customer Specifications
Buckwheat #5

Our carbon products are stored in a manner to eliminate contamination and shipped by:

Please contact us for samples of our product and quality reports for our products.